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Bezel Engagement Ring: What Sets Unique From Others?

A bezel engagement ring stands out in the crowd. In fact, they are uncommon and there are certain technical reasons behind the same. Besides all those, having a beautiful engagement ring is enticing to eye. A bezel stone has to be hand crafted. It requires fine set of skills to design a bezel as per your need and integrate it on the engagement ring design.

Reasons to consider bezel engagement ring

  • A simple bezel engagement ring gives unique look without having to make use of accent stones or any other fancy designs. It is also possible to add some of the extra features for your bezel ring to get an eye catching look.
  • If you want brighter appearance to your diamond, you can opt for a bezel setting. The same bezel metal will be surrounded your diamond for the sake of extra care and protection. The presence of bezel setting adds extra volume to the center stone.
  • Having a engagement ring will ensure that it gets all the attention it deserves. As the bezel set rings are unique from others, every friend of yours would like to take a look at it.

Now-a-days, bezel setting to an engagement ring is coming back into fashion with more ring setting options. Many people have started realizing the extra added protection provided by the bezel setting and many have started falling in love with this unique and classic look.

Photo Gallery of the Bezel Engagement Ring: What Sets Unique From Others?

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