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A Complete Guide to Framing a Door In 2017

Your home is incomplete without a door and every time it is not possible to call a carpenter for framing a door. Instead if you can do it yourself it will not only save money but also give you some experience. Framing a door may seem simple but while you start doing it you will find that you are requiring a number of items. Until and unless you have gathered all of them you will not be able to complete framing interior door.

Framing Interior Door

In this article I will guide you on how can you gather the best resources so that you know how to frame a door and complete the task properly.

Quick Links to Our Picks of Framing a Door

1. L.E. Johnson Porducts 153068PF Pocket Door Frame
2. 1500 Commercial Grade Pocket Door Frame (24″ x 80″)
3. Door Jamb Pro – 48″ Door Frame Reinforcement Strike Plate

*The above links lead to current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Quick Links to Our Picks of Framing a Door
2. How to Choose the Best Framing of a Door?
3. Review of the Best Door Frames

3.1. Johnson Pocket Door Frame 153068PF
3.2. Johnson Pocket Door Frame 1500 Commercial Grade
3.3 Door Jamb Pro – 48 Door Frame Reinforcement Strike Plate

4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Conclusion

How to Choose the Best Framing of a Door?

Door plays an important role in your home. A beautiful door just not enhances the aesthetic value of your home but it gives your rooms the required safety too. Now, a door is incomplete without a proper frame.

If you do not frame the door properly you will find that the beauty of the door has been detracted. It will not matter whether the door is expensive or not, a good frame can enhance the beauty of the door as well as make it strong.

While you choose a frame for your door make sure that the framing material is not cheap as it may damage the door and your overall cost in the long run will be high. After the material used the next thing that you have to consider is the rough framing. You have to find out the correct measurement of the door that is the height and the width. Hence you have to get idea about how to frame a doorway.

Review of the Best Door Frames

There is no doubt that when you are looking for framing a door it is necessary that you get the right accessories, else you will not be able to frame your door properly. Just knowing about how to frame a door will not be helpful till you have the right product in your hand. Here, I have listed down few products so that you can have the one that is best suited for your doors.

Johnson Pocket Door Frame 153068PF

L.E. JOHNSON PRODUCTS 153068PF Pocket Door Frame
Price: $78.58
24 new from $66.162 used from $66.79

The products from L.E Johnson are an ideal pocket door frame that is designed in order to carry heavy solid doors. They are simple to set up and have the required parts that are 100 series box track.

The size of the door frame can be varied easily as they can be cut down to fit to any door size. Moreover, making a door frame in a stud wall is also easy to do with these frames as they are versatile and can fit into any wall thickness.

Making a Door Frame in a Stud Wall


  • The door frames do not need a pro for installation. They are simple to install
  • They are designed in order to support solid core doors.
  • They are adjustable as can be cut into the size of smaller doors.
  • Manufactured in USA and the quality is maintained as per the country’s standard.
  • Steel plate at the bottom for stud walls.


  • The door frame is not very sturdy and is best for ¾” wall and not for ½” wall.

Apart from the con mentioned above you will not find much problem with this door frame. It is ideal choice when you are looking for a door frame that is versatile and adjustable.

Push Here To View The Johnson Pocket Door Frame 153068PF

Johnson Pocket Door Frame 1500 Commercial Grade

When you frame wall with door this 1500 series Pocket door frame is perfect for carrying heavy solid core doors at any timber framed stud walls. The frame kit is packed nicely that makes it transportation easy and installing it is also simple.

Frame Wall With Door

Whether it is a masonry wall or a wall of nonstandard thickness, this door frame is useful in framing a door. It is simple to install and the kit comes with instructions that will help an amateur to complete the work.


  • It has all the necessary hardware required for installing in a 2×4 stud wall.
  • It is versatile in use
  • It is simple to install and can be cut into smaller door sizes.


  • Although the kit is complete in hardware it does not contain door pulls and door locks.

If you can but the parts separately this door frame is perfect choice when you are looking forward to framing a wall with a door. Being another product from L.E Johnson it has the quality that one will love to have in their door frame.

Framing A Wall With A Door

Press Here To View The Johnson Pocket Door Frame 1500 Commercial Grade

Door Jamb Pro – 48 Door Frame Reinforcement Strike Plate

It is necessary to make the exterior doors sturdy and strong so that burglars cannot break them and thus that door frame must be strong enough. Door Jamb is an ideal product for making the door stronger.

It reinforces the wooden door frame that provides support to the door frame and it is not damaged. It is made out of 14 gauge cold-rolled steel and can be painted into any color. It is simple to install and once installed you can find your doors strong enough.


  • The long strike plate is ideal for fitting the outside doors.
  • Comes with a enamel like finish and the color can be changed to match the color scheme of the room.
  • Can be easily installed with a help of a drill.
  • Made in USA and is of standard quality.


  • The screws provided in the kit are best for wooden door frames and not for masonry walls.

The main aim of this door frame is to support the exterior frame around door and hence, all that is required is its sturdiness. It is ideal for those who want to make their home safe.

Frame Around Door

Click Here to Learn More or Buy from Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

How to frame a wall with a door?

To frame a door one will need to go through different steps. That is they must first lay out the lumber, then built the frame and finally, complete framing the door. If it seems a problem in doing that one can but ready door frame that are easy to install and will serve the purpose nicely.

What are door framing rough openings?

While installing a door frame in a stud wall it is important to find out the rough opening. It’s true that finding the rough opening is sometimes very confusing. Normally there is a thumb rule that is followed by the pro for rough opening.
It is that for framing interior door or exterior door one must consider the rough opening two inches wider than the door size mentioned. This rule is considered as the industry standard for years now.

What to decide while framing a door?

When you are about to frame a door there are a few things that must be decided by you before you go to any conclusion. First you have to decide whether you want to buy the frame or built one? If you have time and skill you can try to build the frame and building always gives better results.
If you are building the frame then again you have to decide about the lumber that will be used for making the frame. It must be sturdy and have aesthetic looks too, especially if you are buying lumber for interior doors.

Why is it important to frame a door?

Finally the question arises that why is it important to frame the door? A door cannot be installed into the walls easily, rather it is impossible. By installing a door frame you make it possible for installing the door. Apart from that the door is attached to the door frame and with it one can easily open or close the doors, else if all these had to be done door frame is necessary.


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