Welcome to Trivia: Voices of Feminism, issue 11

Are Lesbians Going Extinct?

Trivia 11, edited by Lise Weil and Betsy Warland, the longest issue we've published to date, features twenty-one writers responding—in powerful, often edgy prose and poetry—to the question "Are Lesbians Going Extinct?".

Sima RabinowitzINvisible OUTline
Verena StefanWe Live as Two Lesbians
Kate ClintonPrognostiKate
Lauren CruxDinosaurs & Haircuts
Sarah SchulmanTo Be Real
Susan HawthorneMatrices
Arleen ParéComing into Word
Renate StendhalMatteo—Prince of Paris
Urvashi VaidEnding Patriarchy: Political Legacies of the 1970s Lesbian Movement
Erin GrahamThe Revolution is the One who Begins Again
Bev JoAlways a Lesbian
Christine StarkAnti-Rape
Elana DykewomonWalking on the Moon
Sharanpal RupraiEntanglements
Elizabeth XWomen Alone…
Lyn DavisNo One Lives her Life
Monica MeneghettiComing out of the Straitjacket:
Sapphism as Creative Space
Betsy WarlandOscar of Between
Lise Weil
Harriet Ellenberger
Michèle Causse
Chocolate WatersJill Johnston:
The Audacity of Dyke

As an organizing principle for this issue, we decided to cluster texts which we (as the editors and first readers) see in some kind of conversation with each other. These clustered conversations pace your reading experience and enable you to easily enter the conversations that appeal to you. Some of our conversational clusters have a lot in common yet approach the shared topics from distinct perspectives. In other conversations, the pieces appear to have less in common, yet their adjacency brings a more faceted understanding to the subject at hand. It's rather like a party—which we wish we could host with all of you attending!


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Lise Weil, editor
Betsy Warland, guest editor

Please note that with this issue, Lise Weil is stepping down as Trivia's editor. We are very much hoping that an editor, or editors, will step up to take her place and assure the continuation of this critical venue for feminist thought. Please see box at bottom of editorial page.

issue 11
October 2010

"Are Lesbians Going Extinct?" #2


"I cannot do anything about it. I associate the lesbian body with an intelligent body, with an inclination for utopia and hope. I cannot do anything about it and indeed I like to repeat that it is my lesbian body which gave the best ideas, which inspired in me the greatest drift and transformed gaze into a vision."

Nicole Brossard, from "Only A Body To Measure Reality By," in her book of essays Fluid Arguments, ed. Susan Rudy, trans. Ann-marie Wheeler. Mercury Press, Toronto, Ontario, 2005.